Thought you’d like to know a little something about the person behind gloriousgiftbox❥ …                   

Shopping and giving gifts have always been activities which bring me joy, perhaps it’s just my ‘thing’ or as my husband would say - my addiction! 

After having my 2 wonderful children so began my little adventure into the wonderful world of all that is Handmade. I always wanted their special events & their friends’ gifts to be unique and personalized with added little details that would impress and be appreciated!
My first project came when I had my daughter’s Niovi’s Christening. I personally arranged and organized absolutely everything; invitations, decorations, guests’ presents, even the cakes! 
With this event came my first little enterprise ‘CardsByLia', creating my very own handmade greeting cards and invitations, little did I know it was just the beginning of an even more exciting project that was to come - AllHandHomeMade!
Numerous events have since been successfully organized and many creative friends have been given the opportunity to promote and sell their handcrafted products, motivating so many people to choose handmade and support art !

Creating gloriousgiftbox❥ is simply the next chapter of a wonderful adventure!

Please join me on the gloriousgiftbox❥ journey, together we can bring a smile to someone’s face after A long day !

Gift them a glorious box today!